WatchGuard and Bitdefender, working together

  • By Cosmina Martiniuc
  • |
  • Aug. 2, 2017

WatchGuard has some useful news to share about the upcoming 12.0 release for the Fireware Operating System. This release brings a new partner for the gateway anti-virus (GAV) service.

Bitdefender is the new anti-virus engine (AV), which will provide improved efficacy, higher performance and faster response for WatchGuard GAV service. You can count on Spearhead to help you with this update if you are our customer of Bitdefender, WatchGuard, or you want to become one of them.


Improvements about Malware Detection:

  • New AntiVirus Engine.
  • APT Blocker to reduce malware infection and ransomware through ...

Check_MK Conference #3

  • By Marius Pana
  • |
  • May 16, 2017

Check_MK Conference #3

We love monitoring here at Spearhead. It is the cornerstone of our service delivery methodology and a highly ingrained process that we could not live without but moreover would not be able to provide the quality and responsiveness of our services. 

Before we engage in a project we first measure. By measuring we gather as much input as possible from the network, systems, and applications to set a baseline. From this baseline we can begin to design a system based on solid data. This is our preferred methodology,  using ...

ZSH Awesomeness

  • By Marius Pană
  • |
  • Feb. 26, 2017

The shell is our entry point into working with systems and is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons in a sysadmins arsenal when it comes to configuration and administration. At Spearhead we firmly believe that the operating system is the most important building block of any system therefore the shell is equally important as it the gateway through which we interact with these systems.

Since we spend a considerable amount of time in front our computer screens working extensively with the shell, it is of upmost importance that it offers us good response times and high precision ... improves their user experience for Black Friday

  • By Marius Pană
  • |
  • Jan. 10, 2017

The Black Friday period is now over but for certain this “black” period will be back next year and possibly in greater force. Many call this the “black” period because from the perspective of the seller, it is a difficult and dark challenge with many issues that appear when dealing with a high volume of traffic. You have to deal with complex distributed IT systems, many applications and application specific layers such as load balancing, caching and routing.

The customers however have a completely different view of this period and rightly so as it is an opportunity to benefit from ...

Discover the upcoming features of Check_MK 1.4.0i3

  • By Marius Pană
  • |
  • Dec. 19, 2016

Wow, where did the time ago? We're talking about Check_MK version 1.4! Specifically the innovation version 1.4.0i3 which was recently released with a wealth of new features and bug fixes. This is definitely one version you will want to keep an eye out because when it's ready it's going to be great. 

Here are just a few updates from the upcoming Check_MK version

Core & Setup: 

* 3978 FIX: mkbackup: Fixed backup to some CIFS shares ([Errno 13] Permission denied) '...')... 

* 4078 FIX: Fixed handling of hosts with non resolvable IP addresses during runtime... 

Checks & Agents: 

* 4096 avaya_chassis_card, avaya_chassis_ps, avaya_chassis_temp: New checks for Avaya devices... 

* 4109 websphere_mq_instance, websphere_mq_instance.manager: new checks for Websphere MQ 

* 4126 FIX: apache_status: Handle https requests lo localhost in case of ...

Varnish Software is Spearhead Systems latest Partner

  • By Cosmina Martiniuc
  • |
  • Nov. 16, 2016

Spearhead is proud to announce that starting this month, we have a new ally on our way to offering digital high performance to our customers. 

Varnish Software is a pioneer in high-performance digital content delivery including web scaling, API management and content distribution. Varnish Software’s products, are the indispensable common denominators among the world’s most popular websites and brands, such as The New York Times, Vimeo, Tesco, Nikon, and Tesla. Varnish Software’s solutions are powered by Varnish Cache, a uniquely flexible caching technology used by more than 2.5 million websites worldwide. The company’s solutions enable organizations to ...

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