IT Security

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We secure your business

The frequency and sophistication of current security threats makes protecting your organisation more important than ever.

Spearhead provides customers of all sizes with the latest network security protection by providing next generation firewalls, mobile security, advanced user behaviour monitoring and privileged access control.

You're being hacked!


You are being hacked

The rise in cybersecurity threats is daunting. How do you protect your vital information from inside and outside the network? We minimise security risks by monitoring the entire IT stack and leveraging our modern application and security monitoring tools to identify threats using unique algorithms. We can provide advanced user behaviour monitoring and the best of breed device monitoring to identify deviations form normal behaviour and catch potential issues before they become security breaches.

End to End Security

Comprehensive network security for protection from the latest threats. Individuals, companies and government entities can operate freely and securely. Our security products and services cover virtualised environments as well as public, private and hybrid clouds.

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